PPR push fittings

pressure of PPR push-fit fittings Product pressure rating PN1.6MPa, the highest test pressure is 2.0MPa
working pressure working temperature
0.8Mpa 20
0.4Mpa 65
PPR push-fit fittings advantages 1. Stable performance, environmentally friendly and non-toxic 304 stainless steel reinforcement, tightly locking pipe, durable, double-layer EPDM seal, deepening the sinking to increase stability, pipe fittings can be repeatedly disassembled, main body with 100% imported Hyosung raw materials, safe and sanitary; 2. It is efficient to disassemble and assemble. 3 seconds inline or dismantling, no need for hot melt, glue and other professional tools or skills,easy to learn, improve the efficiency of manual work; 3. Super compatible, flexible Applicable to all types of pipes, can be connected to PPR, PEX, PE, PVC, PERT and other pipes that meet the national standard, and can be used for efficient and rapid construction under harsh or narrow space; 4. Beautiful appearance, quality assurance The shape of the product adopts advanced foreign elements, and the DONSEN typeface and production date information are printed on the body to facilitate product quality traceability.